General Description of the Support Tower

The support tower is a tubular frame construction made of Ø 57 х 3 tubes. It is intended to be used in construction works for the installation of concrete formworks.

The construction allows the towers to be combined in a supporting scaffold with different heights and for heavy loads.

Main characteristics:
- Tower step - 1.2m x 1.6m
- Load capacity - 80 - 100 kN
- Maximum mounting height - 6m
- Coating: hot zinc

The assembly and disassembly procedures are fast, easy and convenient.

Support Tower Elements


Support Tower - Frame

Step Ladder

Support Tower - Step Ladder


Support Tower - Diagonal

Jackscrew Heel-piece

Support Tower - Jackscrew Heel-piece

Adjustable Jackscrew Head

Support Tower - Adjustable Jackscrew Head

Access Ladder

Support Tower - Access Ladder


Support Tower - Deck