General Description of the Universal Scaffold

The universal scaffold is made of tubular frame construction - tubes Ø 48 х 3. The construction allows the modules to be combined in a facade scaffold of different heights and for heavy loads.

The universal scaffold is intended for facade works, repair, insulation works and other construction activities.

Main characteristics:
- Useful working width - 0,960 m;
- Height of one module - 2,0 m;
- Load capacity - concentrated load, spread over an area of ​​500x500 mm - 1,0 kN plus 1 worker;
- Maximum mounting height - 22m;
- Installation and disassembly are fast, easy and convenient.

Universal Scaffold Elements

Railings and Diagonals

Universal Scaffold - Ralings and Diagonals


Universal Scaffold - Deck

Plain Heel-piece

Universal Scaffold - Ordinary Heel-piece

Jackscrew Heel-piece

Universal Scaffold - Jackscrew Heel-piece


Universal Scaffold - Frame