General Description of the Frame Scaffolding

The frame facade scaffolding is used for masonry works, reconstructions, paint works and various facade panelling works.

The frame facade scaffolding consists of modules of quickly assembled elements made of lightweight tubular components. There are no restrictions on the length of the scaffold.

The maximum mounting height with our frame facade scaffold is up to 12 m. and in case of heights above 4 m. anchoring the scaffold to the building becomes mandatory. The work platform width is 0.74 m.

The frame facade scaffolding is made of DIN 422 x 2 mm tubes S235. An additional reinforcement of the outer side frames of the scaffold has been developed.

The scaffold is available in two variants - with polyurethane enamel coating and hot zinc coating.

Frame Facade Scaffolding Schema

Frame Facade Scaffolding - Схема

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