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Frame Facade Scaffolding

The Facade Scaffolding has a tubular frame construction. It is designed to be used in any facade rapair works, indoors repairs, insulation, or various other construction works.

The main characteristics of the scaffolding are:

  • Width of the working stage - 0,74 m.
  • Made of highly resistant frames sized 2,5m./0,74m. and 2,0m./0,74m.
  • Build from steel tubes St37-2 (DIN) sized 42x2,5.
  • Developed with extra reinforced outer frames.
  • Assembling and disassembling are easy, fast and convenient.
  • There is no limitation in the scaffolding lenght.
  • Height - 8 m.
  • The working stage can be either made of steel or wood.
  • The construction is offered with either paint or hot zinc cover.
  • The scaffold is to be anchored to the building.
  • Quality certified by TÜV.

More details about the scaffolding elements ...